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Keep Sowing

Keep Sowing

Sow, especially during famine!

I just watched a recent sermon from Bill Johnson. Check it out on Youtube (22 March,

What struck me was this:

1. Genesis 12. Verse 1: There was a famine. Verse 12: Isaac SOWED!
In the MIDST of the famine! This was not a "generosity" sowing. He was sowing into his land, his business. DURING the famine.

Don't stop now. Sow into your business, investments, personal learning during this time.

2. Acts 11. The people heard there was a famine coming. It was going to hit them at some point.

They didn't close up. They took up an offering instead!

This was sowing generosity and honour. To help their brothers in Judea, and honour them because they had brought the gospel to them in Antioch initially.

This is such a unique opportunity to "sow in tears" (yes it will involve sacrifice!) but "reap in joy" later.

What seeds are you sowing into your business today? What seeds of generosity and honour are you sowing today?