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Red Door House

Why do some people paint their doors red?

Do you know why some people paint their doors red? For the Chinese, it represents good fortune and welcome. And apparently in Scotland when they have finished paying off the house mortgage, they would paint their doors red! I thought that was a neat little idea!

Anyway, a friend of mine recently sent me this picture of the progress they are making towards paying off the mortgage on their house. Now THAT is a brilliant idea! 

It's a simple picture of a house with different sections and each section representing a sum of money. Each time a chunk is paid off, they will colour that chunk. So from a blank piece of paper, it is gradually filling up with colour! At the rate they are going, they will reach the red door soon enough! 

I love the simplicity of the idea, and how it is such a faith picture as well!

By the way, notice they kept at it throughout COVID! 

As for me and my house, there is another reason why I would love to paint my door red. As a reminder that this house is covered by the blood of Jesus. :)

Bless you!

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