Thoughts on Investment and Money built on a Christ-Centered Mindset


Are you ready to start your own investment snowball?

I've been helping some friends. Some common situations I have encountered are: 

- No money to start investing
- Don't know where to start
- It's daunting to look at numbers

First off, I don't believe in using borrowed funds to invest. This means you will need to get your finances under control and start saving first. How?

1. Is it possible to save an extra $25 per week? Maybe skip a few coffees? That will add up to $100 a month. As you do that, you might find you are able to save a bit more the next month and before you know it, you are saving a lot more and you might have $2-3000 spare cash to invest after a year.

2. Don't discount the days of small beginnings. The point is to get started, and let the experience and knowledge start to compound. The actual amount you make will not be as important. Having said that, if you invest $2,000 and be done with it and get 15% return on average per year, you are looking at the following results:
- $8k in 10 years
- $16k in 15 years
- $33k in 20 years

And that is only starting with $2k and done. Wouldn't that $33k come in handy for your kids when they are about to start their adulthood? Or to add to your retirement? Obviously that is not a guaranteed return but even if you fall off the mark, you will be better off than doing nothing. 

3. Don't worry about "missing out". For example, just recently I found a company that has ZERO DEBT, grows its revenue by 10% on average every year for the last 10 years (mind you this is extremely difficult to do for an extended period of time), and has an average ROE of 18% (unleveraged!). 

I had never heard of this company until recently.  There will ALWAYS be opportunities. If we can find this, there are actually many others lurking around, undiscovered. 

So all I am trying to say is, just start very small, take a tiny step and allow the knowledge (and your returns) to compound over time. 

I'm sure you've heard the saying that snowballs can start an avalanche. Are you ready to start rolling your snowball down the hill?

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