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Speaking at Kingdom Investors Tauranga

Hey! Guess what?

I'll be speaking at a Kingdom Investors event in Tauranga, New Zealand, this Thursday, 27 Aug, 7pm (NZ Time)! I'll be teaching around Dave Hodge's "Spiritual Due Diligence" concepts, but specifically how I apply those concepts. For eg:

1. What business should I get into? How much should I pay for this business?
2. Should I buy real estate as an investment? How do I go about doing it? What price should I pay?
3. Should I invest in the stock market? How can I go about it? 

And much more! Essentially I will be sharing from my personal experiences in the world of business, real estate and the stock market. 

Held at Life Church Tauranga as well as Zoom. Tickets to either venue will cost $5 and can be purchased at  Light refreshments will be provided for those onsite.

You can find out more about the ministry of Kingdom Investors at Dave is the Founder and MD of the Australian based Paladin Group of Companies, now valued in excess of 1 billion dollars.  Paladin has interests in Mining, Telco Construction, IT, Health and Fitness, and Investment Banking, and has businesses in 9 countries.
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