Thoughts on Investment and Money built on a Christ-Centered Mindset


Sharesies and Hatchinvest are making it easier for Kiwis to invest in the Share Market. Should you?

Is investing in the stock market right for you?

Came across an interesting article on STUFF recently, talking about the heightened interest in the share market, especially with the increasing popularity of sites like Sharsies and Hatch. You can check them out at or This is not a review of their services and I don't get any referral fees from them.

Maybe it is the lockdown from Covid, lots more people didn't have anything to do at home. Maybe its the excitement for watching stocks like Apple, Amazon, Mercardo Libre or Crowdstrike constantly making new highs. 

Whatever the reason, the basics remain.

1. Know WHAT you are investing in.

2. Don't overpay for it. 

Have fun exploring the share markets!

PS: Investing comes with risk. Always do your homework and research and seek independent professional advice.