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Will New Zealand House collapse by 50% in a very severe scenario?

‚Äč"House prices could halve (in NZ)!"

Ha! Got you there. That's what that headline was. CLICKBAIT. Came across this exact headline last week talking about how house prices could collapse by 50% in a very severe scenario. 

Of course! If things get bad, anything can happen. And of course, things CAN get very bad, because it has happened before. 

BUT, does that mean we just sit around and worry? No one can predict the future. If the numbers make sense (ie you really need to know WHAT and WHY you are investing), then by all means go ahead. And obviously, do not take on more risk than you can endure (or sleep well at night). 

I suppose what I want to say is, don't read into newspaper headlines too much. They need to sell ads, so they need to get your attention, so they need provocative headlines and articles. What is actually happening on the ground could be vastly different. If listening to press headlines was the way to get rich, journalists should be the wealthiest people on earth.  (Note: not a dig at journalists, there are MANY very good journalists out there that I highly respect).

Keep bad news / risks in view as POSSIBILITIES to be aware of, not CERTAINTIES to be afraid of. 

Do your homework, know what you are doing, and if it works for you, keep doing it. 

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