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Incredible Journey to Mortgage Freedom

This is the recording of the interview we did with Bourne and Brittany and we had so much fun! There was SO MUCH GOLD in what they shared! Definitely worth a listen!

Bourne is only 32 and Brittany 28 but they have paid off their house mortgage this year! Their journey?
- Bourne had $24k in debt 5 years ago when they got married
- He started on almost minimum wage, and actually lost his job!
- They bought the house they live in now about 3 years ago, and it is in a very nice suburb
- 3 years later, they have paid that off (during the year of COVID) and started investing in a big way!

Incredible! But what's even more amazing is how you will see threaded through the interview, their faith playing a HUGE role in their journey.

You will hear from them how:
- How they set goals
- How they deal with money as a married couple
- How giving is a big part of their lives (even when they didn't have much to give)

I was totally blown away and I know you will too! Enjoy!

PS: There was a bit of technical difficulty at the 22min mark but we continue rocking on!