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Lessons from Investment Mistakes


Some of you who follow my personal page will have read about a fault that recently occurred in my car, whilst on a long holiday! Well that was a bummer because we were told there was a risk the brakes would not work (disaster!) and we were not sure when it could get fixed (how now?). And how to get our caravan home across the sea?! But we can stay positive and make do with what we have.

That included getting a rental car to get around, get some homework done, etc. And wait...

That got me thinking about investing and some of the common mistakes we make. For example (some excerpts from a CFA article):

- Expecting too much or someone else's expectations

- Not having clear investment goals

- Focus on the wrong kind of performance

- Buying high and selling low

- Trading too much and too often

- Not reviewing investments regularly

- Taking too much or too little risk

- Reacting to the media

- Chasing yield

- Trying to time the market too much

- Not doing due diligence

- Letting emotions get in the way

- Neglecting to start, or continue

- Not controlling what you can

What are some that you identify with and can work on?