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Ruth Truths 19: Are you teachable?

Ruth Truth 19: Are you teachable?

"So Ruth stayed close to the servant girls of Boaz....and she lived with her mother-in-law" Ruth 2:23

Naomi had just given Ruth some advice to stay in Boaz's field and Ruth heeded that advice. 

Theoretically Ruth was the "bread winner" of the family now. She was the one who went out to work and make money. Naomi was now dependant on Ruth for her livelihood so Ruth could be the one calling the shots. Ruth could have thought to herself she will just go and find which field has the most grain to pick, or ask her friends where she could go to "make the most money".

No. She chose to listen and take Naomi's advice. And I love how humble and submissive Ruth is. She really strikes me as a very beautiful PERSON. 

Are you the breadwinner of your household and calling the shots? Are you being teachable and willing to keep learning how to steward your resources? Who are you listening to and taking advice from?