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Ruth Truth 21: It's ok to wait

"Wait, my dauther, until you find out what happens......" Ruth 3:18a

Wow...the story is reaching a climax. If you have been following my series and reading the book of Ruth, you will know that effectively Ruth had made the first move and for lack of a better word, in my view, "proposed" to Boaz.

But put yourself in Ruth's shoes. It is now an extremely vulnerable time!

I am not familiar with the customs of the day, but imagine you've taken some action, and is now left hanging, not knowing what will happen. Moreover, Boaz had said there is another kinsman redeemer who is closer and therefore has "1st right of refusal".

Nail biting!

Times of waiting are tough.

We are put in a vulnerable postion.

There is a lot of uncertainty.

But it is exactly during these times, that we need to hold on.

If you are struggling with waiting, let go and embrace that feeling of vulnerability. Fill that uncertainty with the certainty of God's love instead.

When you are investing, there will be times of waiting too. Will it work out? I don't know. But if I have done my homework and taken action, then I just need to wait and let it all play out.

Wait...its ok to wait.