Thoughts on Investment and Money built on a Christ-Centered Mindset


Businesses need to think long term. Investors even more so!

"industry, by nature is long term. And the fund management business, by nature, is short term.... The success of industry is that you always think long term...... you take the long term decision as if you were to be the owner forever, that is healthy for the industry and therefore our shareholders. " Kristian Siem

If you're an active investor, you've probably not heard of Kristian Siem as well.

That's because he is more of a businessman, but I have been learning that some of the the greatest investors are great entrepreneurs. Think about it. They pour all their energy, time and money into that one company of theirs. Talk about concentrated portfolios!

But that also forces them to really watch over that portfolio like a hawk!

And Siem is right. Businesses by nature, need to think long term. They cannot be thinking in terms of only the next quarterly results (I avoid try to avoid these types of companies). Because it is only in the long term, that REAL RESULTS show, and compounding of the company profits occur.

AND accrue to you as the shareholder.

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