Thoughts on Investment and Money built on a Christ-Centered Mindset


Elements of an Investment

"Table for 1 please!"

In the socially distanced world, COVID has changed so many things we do or say eh! 

But investing has not really changed. WHAT is an investment? MMM has the following to say:

" investment is something that delivers value to you (and preferably does some good in the world as well), and produces products, services and eventual dividends that would make it worth holding for a lifetime even if you were never allowed to sell it." Mr Money Moustache

Why did I share that quote? Because it captures so much of what investing is all about:
- Delivers value to you
- Produces products / services (that does some good in the world)
- Delivers returns (or dividends)
- Worth holding for a lifetime

Not sure if I can hold some of them for a lifetime, but EACH of these elements can form the basis of an investment plan.