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Discernment Part 3: Gathering and Assessing Information

Discernment Part 3 (extract from Pursuing God's Will Together by Ruth Barton).

I've been camping on this for a while now, because we are always making decisions. Some minor, some impactful. Barton created a list for gathering and assessing info that I think will be helpful for you (slightly rephrased and summarised):

1. Does it fit with the overall direction and calling for your life?
2. Which choice brings a sense of life, peace and freedom?
3. What is your most authentic desire in relation to the choice you are making?
4. Any scripture that God brings to mind about this?
5. Is it consistent with the mind and heart of Christ and His redemptive purpose?
6. How will this choice nuture your growth and development?
7. What does love call for in this situation?
8. Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture pattern of what God has been doing in your life, how does the choice fit in?
9. How does this choice fit others' observation about what God is doing in my life?

Which resonates with you?