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Look for the person, not the job

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Had the privilege to be part of a panel to give some advice to a bunch of international students considering a career and finance and investments.

Actually, it does not matter what industry or work you might be considering. My top advice to young people looking for a job has alway been this:

1. Do not choose a job based on the salary you will get.

2. Do not join a company just because it appears great.

3. If you can, choose the PERSON, not the JOB.

Especially at the beginning of your career, I feel it almost does not matter what you first embark on. You are still exploring, discovering yourself. But in THAT process, it would help if you could come under someone who will take an interest in you, and guide you along.

If you can't find that right person, there are plenty of books and podcasts that you can read / watch. At the moment for me, it is Ed Mylett (if you want to find out more: I have never met Ed in my life and probably never will. But I've learned a ton from his free videos.

Enjoy the process, and then mentor the next generation. :)

PS: Wanting to respect the privacy of the attendees, hence the "blackouts".