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How a Missionary went from the Doulos to investing in 16 rental properties in the last 7 years!

An amazing journey of financial independence from real estate investing

Hi, or Kia-ora (as we like to say in New Zealand)!

A friend of mine shared a very inspiring story with me a while back and I've been wanting to interview him for a long time. Essentially, he was called very miraculously (literally on the road) to be a missionary, dropped everything and got on the Doulos. He then spent some time in Taiwan, where he learned Mandarin.

His life journey alone is super inspiring. But I actually got to know him initially via Real Estate, how he has since invested in almost 20 houses ever since he came back to New Zealand. It is truly an amazing story and I would love to dig into HOW he did it.

So if you're keen on real estate (or just investing in general), details here, register on the link:
Date: This Sunday, 27 Feb 2022
Time: 3pm Singapore Time, 8pm New Zealand Time
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As most of you know, I love investing in the stock market. One question I often get is "Should I invest in Real Estate or Stocks?" It does depend on several factors. 

For example:

  • Real estate can be leveraged "easier" than stocks (you are unlikely to get a margin call as long as you stay within a healthy LVR and keep up with your payments)
  • Real estate does not have a "price" every day, which makes it easier on your emotions and therefore easier to hold on to (cue the current market correction!)
  • Some people prefer something you can touch, see and feel.
  • You can add value to real estate (what many call the BRRRR strategy)
  • And many more

That's not to say stocks are inferior. I actually prefer stocks mainly because it is totally hands off and over the long run should provide higher returns. It also allows you to diversify globally quite easily and can start with small amounts. You just do the upfront work to identify a high quality, compounding stock, and then let management and time do its magic.

Personally, I have a mix of both. I use Real Estate to provide income and cash flow, whilst I invest in stocks for growth. If you structure your asset allocation properly, you can also switch them around. It all depends on your preference, skill set, time available, resources etc.

Whilst Robin's investments are mainly in New Zealand, the principles are applicable to real estate (and money habits + investing generally) anywhere.

Anyway, come along and listen to this inspiring tale.

PS: I am not a real estate agent etc and have nothing to "sell". These webinars are meant to be relaxed and educational, feel free to share and invite your friends.
PPS: Remember the farms in Kenya I mentioned at the last webinar? Thanks for all the kind support! The project is now at a critical juncture.

  • All the ploughing is done
  • It has rained over the last week (yes!)
  • Waiting to get seed and fertiliser by paying off the balance (we just need a small final push!)

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PPS: If you know of someone with an inspiring investment journey I would love to have a chat and interview them! Send them this way!

Blessings y'all!