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Investing is a lifelong journey. 

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Do you:

  • Feel lost navigating the financial markets?
  • Feel that you don't know what to do?
  • Find that you are always buying HIGH and selling LOW?
  • Want a systematic approach to investing?
  • Have a checklist that will guide you?
  • Want a reliable way to figure out the intrinsic value of a stock?

See what people say about Joshua

Adam, New Zealand

Your teaching is always so clear and so valuable. I'm really enjoying the modules. :) Excited to invest!

Louisa, Hong Kong

"You are a super teacher. You manage to teach us some complicated ideas in simple language that even this investment beginner can follow what you are talking about.

Really appreciate the time and effort you spend in sharing your expertise!"

George, Singapore

"I think over the years, I have learnt quite a lot from you and definitely the most sound out there. Been evaluating a lot of stuff and how to further progress from here. 

Yes, I think you have the most credibility and temperament." 

Joseph, Singapore

I made back my losses previously and me fees. I thank God that I took this journey with you to learn abt Godly investing. Thank you brother.