Healthy Money Habits
Sound Investment Skills
Christ-Centered Mindset

Joshua Fong, Investor and Coach

Joshua Fong is an active investor who is passionate about helping Christians develop Healthy Money Habits and acquire Sound Investment Skills by building upon a Christ-Centred Mindset.

No matter which stage you're at in your journey, we provide a structured learning environment that holds your hand and takes you from novice to competent.

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My Investment Story

I've loved investing for as long as I can remember. In fact, my mum taught me how to dabble in the stock market when I was 15! Since then I've been hooked. But I was not necessarily doing it properly. Truth be told, I was gambling more than anything. 

Thankfully, I met many mentors who played a significant role in my life and taught me a lot of what I know today. For them, I am eternally grateful. 

Today, I primarily invest in stocks and real estate. The common thread is finding and/or creating value. I look for resilient investments that will generate steadily growing cash flows that can be sustainably reinvested at a great return on investment (ie compounders), and then just be patient. 

I also own a few operating, fully managed businesses. The idea is taken from Warren Buffett / Charlie Munger where they talk about the virtuous relationship of becoming better investors and better businessman. 

NZ Business - Stewart Motors
NZ Business - Stewart Motors

What's my WHY?

The greater purpose of my businesses is to use them as vehicles to implement my ideas about building businesses based on Biblical principles and impacting lives through the business arena. 

I am also passionate about sharing my investment knowledge, especially from a Christian perspective. To achieve that, I help Christians master their finances and develop sound investment skills built upon a Christ Centered Money Mindset.  

My personal BHAG is to have 5,000 people who turn up at my funeral because I have impacted their lives, especially in their financial journeys.

If you want to know more about my investment philosophy etc, feel free to interact with me on social media! There's also a huge collection of my musings about investment there!